Improved Quality, Capacity and Sustainability of Districts paralegal services

The project objective was to strengthen the capacities of the paralegals and paralegal organizations in order to improve women and children’s rights protection in Geita Region by the end of 2020. The goal of the project sought to solve the problem of inadequate legal aid provision system in Geita by strengthening the capacities of the paralegals organizations or units, improving vulnerable groups, poor people, women rights protection, solidifying collaborations with local government authorities, empowering communities legally and increasing the sustainability of legal aid services. The project was implemented in partnership with New Light Children Center Organization (NELICO) with the generous funding of Legal Service Facility (LSF). The outcomes achieved by the projects are (1) vulnerable groups, women and poor people have easy access to legal aid services through empowered paralegal units, and (2) improved capacity of the paralegal organizations or units to provide quality free legal aid services to clients within Geita Region (including Geita, Bukombe, Chato, Mbogwe and Nyang’hwale districts), the operational areas of the project; (3) Local government authorities are working collaboratively with the empowered paralegals/paralegal centers towards providing a safe and friendly environment through functional legal aid provision structures; and (4) Legal aid services provisions to the project areas are continuous and functionally effective through empowered paralegals and their respective organizations. The project period implementation was four years from 2017 to 2020.

SUCCESS: The project trained 120 paralegals and provided legal aid services at least to 4600 women, 1250 young girls and 150 people with disabilities in Geita Region which comprises of five districts namely Geita, Chato, Nyang’hwale, Bukombe and Mbogwe.. The project empowered six paralegal units namely Geita Legal Aid Center (GELAC); Geita Legal Aid Organization (GELAO); Nyang’hwale Legal Aid Organization (NYALAO); Bukombe Legal Aid Organization (BULAO); Chato Legal Aid Organization (CHALAO) and Mbogwe Legal Aid Organization (MBOLAO).  The empowered paralegal units were able to receive direct funding from the Legal Service Facility after the end of the project implementation.


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