Main Objectives

To improve the socio-economic development of poor rural communities through promoting human rights, good governance, legal, civic and policy advocacy and enhancement of access to justice through provision of legal aid to the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Specific objectives

  1. To promote respect and observance of rule of law and due process, including good governance while promoting the culture of consumer rights protection in rural communities.
  2. To increase women, youth, children and community awareness on protecting and promoting their rights and economic base.
  3. To enhance and promote comprehensive legal aid support among marginalized HIV/AIDS women and children and to strengthen access to quality legal aid service among marginalized rural HIV/AIDS women and children.


The organization uses the strategies presented in this section in achieving its objectives:

  • Advocacy and lobbying.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Community Empowerment.
  • Alliance and or institutional building.
  • Awareness creation.
  • Research, Publication and sharing information communication materials.