Himiza Social Justice is a registered nationwide Legal Aid Service Provider with the Registrar of Legal Aid Providers under the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs. The certificate of legal aid provision countrywide No. LAP-2020-0031 was issued on 23rd July, 2020. Himiza has represented legal aid clients before courts of law and quasi-judicial tribunal like the District Land and Housing Tribunal and Commission for Mediation and Arbitration.

In partnership with New Light Children Center Organization (NELICO) secured funding from Legal Service Facility (LSF) to implement a four year project titled "Improving District Paralegal Capacity to provide Quality Legal Aid to the Poor.” The project has trained 120 paralegals and provided legal aid services at least to 4600 women, 1250 young girls and 150 people with disability legal aid clients in Geita Region which comprises of five districts namely Geita, Chato, Nyang’hwale, Bukombe and Mbogwe.

from January 2021 - October 2021 Himiza Social Justice via its department of Legal and Policy Advocacy  carried out a legal aid clinic in six (6)Districts of Geita Region; Nyang’hwale District Council, Bukombe District Council, Mbogwe District Council, Geita District Council, Chato District Council and Geita Town Council respectively. The legal aid clinic is renowned and fashionable as “Improved Quality, Capacity and Sustainability of District Paralegal Services.”

The legal aid clinic was embarked on 6 days/districts whilst Himiza Social Justice and New Light Children Centre Organization (NELICO), in a cooperative venture, were implementing and achieving a demanding legal aid clinic. The object of the clinic is to empower clients with the necessary knowledge for legal and court procedures to enable them to represent their cases in court.

Himiza Social Justice is a non-profit making organization which focuses mainly on Legal and Policy Advocacy (legal aid), Capacity Building and Community and Youth Empowerment, positioned in Geita Region.

List of Cases/ District

Legal Aid Cases for the period January - October 2021