This is program involves advocating for the change, adherence and implementation of the legal and policy framework adopted by the government for the aim of attaining socio-economic development especially in the rural communities.

Program objective: To enhance legal and policy advocacy among youth and the poor rural communities with the view of strengthening accountability of the right and duty bearers in attaining socio-economic development and access to legal aid.


  • Prepare, print and disseminate information communication materials (eg. Flyers, brochures, magazines and handouts).
  • Organize Meetings and dialogues with both right and duty bearers on social rights.
  • Carry out TV/Radio programs for educating the mass on the legislation and policies that affect their welfare.
  • Provide legal counseling to the clients.
  • Represent clients before courts of law.
  • Provide mobile legal aid clinic.
  • Train community volunteers and the community members’ representatives on human rights.
  • Empower CBO to respondent to the priority needs of the rural communities.
  • Train youth and the community members on civic education (right to vote and the importance to participate in elections).